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                      ABOUT US

                      Tai Cang Qian Ye Trading Co., LTD is located in the ancient land of fish and rice, taicang city, adjacent to Shanghai, the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior.Mainly engaged in all kinds of artificial leather (PU, PVC), the environmental protection of disposable degradable tableware wholesale trade services.

                      Our company sell all kinds of artificial leather, mainly including the PU garment leather, PU luggage leather sofa, PU/PVC leather, PVC automotive leather, etc., products, according to the different requirements of the customers can through the eu REACH, ROHS environmental protection detection of various kinds of requirements.  

                      The company sales of environmental protection tableware in accordance with GB/T18006.1-1999 - b standard, through the international FDA inspection, the degradation of performance, the use of performance, health indicators are in the country
                      Inside and outside the leading level.

                      Company business philosophy: honesty, cooperation, win-win situation

                      Enterprise spirit: trust, gratitude, equality and mutual respect

                      Enterprise mission: to create opportunities for employees, create value for customers, take responsibility for the society

                      The enterprise values: exceed customer expectations, develop team spirit, improve employee value, social responsibility